Short description

Kattlik is a death-metal band from the woods of southern Sweden.

As a melting pot of heavy influences, the band mixes thrashy riffs with doomy parts as easy as latin-grooves with technical madness all seamlessly.

Lyrics in English, Spanish and Swedish each create their unique mood.

Sounds Like

Sepultura meets Morbid Angel with some Scandinavian black-metal tendencies.

What does it mean

Kattlik is a word with dual meaning. It means cat-like and also cat corpse.

Leo came up with the name a bit to poke fun of metal-dudes who take themselves to serious and try to show of some super tough, hard-ass facade..

The story behind the band

Kattlik was born from the need to keep busy during of periods in Leo and Mattes other band "en tu alma".

Leo had for several years been writing songs or ideas to songs for a death-metal band in Spanish and Swedish. Songs that he felt weren't "en tu alma". When Matte and Leo started jamming new ideas and riffs just kept coming and it was obvious that this "lets keep busy project" needed to be more than a project.

We recruited Marcus Langeström as a bassplayer but he soon switched to guitar. Sadly Life got in the way and he moved for work witch made the creative process a pain in the ass. And in the end we all felt we had to go separate ways.

When Marcus switched to guitar we tried out Leos cousin Emilio who turned out to be massive as a metal-bassplayer.

Now as a trio everything started to roll and kattlik was complete.


  • Leonardo Gonzalez Morales - Guitars & Vocals
  • Emilio Gonzalez - Bass
  • Mattias Andersson - Drums & stuff